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    Xiaochun Zhang

    • CountryChina
    1. Detailed Informations

    ZHANG XIAOCHUN, male, Chief Physician. Born in Mar. 21, 1963 in Beijing, China. Gratuated in Medical Department, Beijing Medical University (6 years educational system) in Jul. 1987, and admitted to Graduated Institute of Beijing Medical University for clinical skill training and study in the same year. The project in this period was ‘Prevention of Urological Stone’. Meanwhile accepted clinical skill training in Urology, general surgery, orthopaedics, cardiac surgery and anaesthesia departments. Passed the examination in Jan. 1991, and acquired Master Degree. Studied in molecular biology department of University of Central Florida as visiting scholar from Jun. 2002 to Jul 2003. Now working in Urology Department of First Hospital Peking University and Engaging in clinic, teaching and research work. Be good at diagnoses and treatments of urological diseases, especially at endourology. The main research works are diagnoses, treatments and preventions of urological stone. More than 15 articles have been published in journals. Participated in writing 22 books. Translated english articles, books and documents into Chinese about 200,000 words.

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