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    Xueyi Xue

    • CountryChina
    1. Detailed Informations

     Xue Xueyi, male, born in February 1967, graduated from Fujian Medical College in 1988 major in clinical medicine, master of medicine, incumbent Fujian Medical University Affiliated First hospital urinary surgery department director, chief physician, professor, master tutor, the director of the first college of clinical urology department, vice chair of the Chinese medical association urinary surgery of Fujian province association, Member of standing committee of Society for organ transplantation in Fujian province, Fujian institute of family planning committee of physician qualification examination examiner in Fujian province, one of Fuzhou labor appraisal medical technology experts, the member of international association of urinary stone disease (IAU) , Chinese Bladder Cancer Consortium (CBCC) and the ministry of health of urology specialist access expert committee. He has Long-term professionally engaged in the urinary surgery department, excelled at the urological disease diagnosis and treatment, clinical experience, exquisite technology, the well effect of treatments, and be involved in programming of 2014 edition of the China urology disease diagnosis and treatment guidelines.

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