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    Taiye Chen

    • CountryChina
    1. Detailed Informations

    Chan, male, has been dedicating himself to both aspects of surgery and hospital management for years. Upon graduating from Shanghai Medical University, Dr. Chan has been working as an urologist. Being the chief of surgery and chief of urology in Kiang Wu Hospital, Macau, he has established numerous important works including researches in PSA, urological laparoscopic technologies, green light laser surgery for prostate, flexible ureteroscopic technologies… and so on. In order to achieve an even better health care providing environment of Macau, Dr. Chan started his role in hospital management since 2008.  

    Educational Background

    1982-1988 Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai, China


    Vice Superintendent, Kiang Wu Hospital, Macau

    Asst. Superintendent, Kiang Wu Hospital, Macau

    Chief of Surgery, Kiang Wu Hospital, Macau

    Chief of Urology, Kiang Wu Hospital, Macau

    Chief Counselor of Surgery

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