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    Qiang Wei

    • CountryChina
    1. Detailed Informations

    Wei Qiang, Professor, chief physician, doctoral tutor, director of Urology Hospital, West China Hospital. Has been engaged in urology clinical and scientific research for 30 years, clinical sub-professional direction is the urinary tract tumors (bladder cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, adrenal tumors, etc.), prostate disease (benign prostatic hyperplasia, etc.) and minimally invasive urology (laparoscopy and Transurethral surgery), the annual completion of sub-professional-related surgery such as laparoscopic radical resection of the bladder, radical prostatectomy, radical nephrectomy, adrenal tumor resection, and prostate transurethral resection, laser prostate vaporization, such as more than 400 Taiwan The The cumulative publication of Chinese and SCI papers more than 100 articles, the National Natural Science Fund and other three scientific research projects. Sichuan Province by science and technology progress one or two prize one. Now served as the Sichuan province academic and technical leaders. Chinese Medical Association of Urology Branch and members of the minimally invasive group, Sichuan Medical Association Urology Branch of the chairman of the Chinese Medical Association Urology Branch. Chinese Journal of Urology, Chinese Medical Journal (English) and other magazine editorial board.

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