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    Janak Desai

    • CountryIndia
    1. Detailed Informations

    Consultant Urologist at Samved Hospital, Ahmedabad, India.

    Delivered the "Malcolm Coptcoat Lecture" during the BAUS-Endourology Annual Meeting at Norwich, April- 2009.

    Delivered the "David John Lecture" during the Royal Society of Medicine Presidents' day meeting at London , May 2011

    Invited as visiting Prof. of Urology at University of Timisoara - Romania

    Invited as visiting Prof. to teach PCNL at Sri-Lanka, Bangla-Desh

    Conducted workshops on PCNL / URS at Nepal, Germany, England, SriLanka, BanglaDesh, Romania.

    Founder President of Gujarat Urology Association (India)

    Delivered lectures on PCNL (Endourology) at McMaster University (Canada) ; University of Southern Texas (San Antonio). 

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