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    Zhengjin Yi

    • CountryChina
    1. Detailed Informations

    Personal Information


    Zhengjin YI



    Date of Birth



    Education Background

    Master degree

    Teaching Position


    Professional Direction

    Urology surgeon

    Professional Titles

    Chief physician

    Current Corp. Name

    Pangang General Hospital

    Administration Position

    Executive Vice-President

    Mobile Phone


    E-mail Address

    Address and Post code

    No.284 Mumian Road, East District, Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province, ,617023.

    Professional Affiliations

    He currently holds the posts of master degree postgraduate student tutor of Kunming University of Science and Technology, committee member of International Urinary Stone League, editor committee member of Journal of China Metallurgical Industry Medicine, member of Urnary Surgery Committee of Sichuan Province Medical Academy, member of Urnary Surgery Specialists Committee of China Physician Association TCM and Western Medicine combination Branch, and so on..

        Work Experience and Professional Technological Achievements

    He has been engaged in urinary surgery for over 30 years, successfully carried out many urinary surgery techniques,such as prostate electroresection through urethra, upper urinary calculus treatment by micro-passage percutaneous nephroscopy, ureter scope operation, adrenal gland resection under television laparoscope, kidney carcinoma radical excision, kidney carcinoma resection with nephron retention, bladder carcinoma radical excision and new bladder in situ operation, kidney cyst unroofing by single foramen posterior laparoscope, female stress incontinence treatment by TVT-O and TVT-S. He led many scientific research items, obtained city grade technology progress prize three times and province-ministry grade technology progress prize four times, and published more than twenty treatises in recent years.

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