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    Lei Xia

    • CountryChina
    1. Detailed Informations

    Lei Xia, male, 37 years old, Master of Medicine, physician. He graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, engaged in clinical working, researching and teaching of urology for over ten years, one of the persons chiefly in charge of Renji Hospital urinary calculi subspecialty groups.

    The Chief of Urolithiasis Center of Renji Hospital (West Campus). The Adjunct Professor of Ottawa University School of Medcine, Canada. Youth member of IAU.

    He is especially good at minimally invasive treatment of complex urinary stones (such as percutaneous nephrolithotomy, flexible ureteroscope, etc.), minimal invasive treatment of the upper urinary tract tumor, and ultrasound-guided interventional treatment of urinary tract disease (eg kidney tumor biopsy, transurethral resection of the ejaculatory duct cysts, endogenous renal tumors intraoperative localization and ablation therapy, etc.).

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