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    Xiaofeng Gao

    • CountryChina
    1. Detailed Informations

    Xiao-FengGao, M.D., associate Professor of the Department of Urology, at Changhai hospital the first affiliated hospital of the Second Military Medical University (SMMU) in Shanghai, China.Prof. Gao is a Committee member of Urinary Stone Group of Chinese Urological Association (CUA) and a preparatory Committee member of Urological Infection Group of CUA.Prof. Gaohave participated in the guidelines panels of CUA to complete the guideline of staghorn renal stones,the guideline of urological infections and the guideline of ureteral stones.

    Prof. Gao is famous for the minimal invasive treatment of urinary calculi. He was awarded the first prize for progress in science and technology of Shanghai and the second prize for National Science and Technology Progress Award in China.Till now, he was granted 5 national and provincial foundations, published more than 20 articles as first author, seven of which are cited Science Citation Index (SCI). 

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