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    Laguna Pilar

    • CountryHolland
    1. Detailed Informations

    Dr. M.P. Laguna is a staff member at the department of Urology at the AMC University Hospital. She is responsible for the research at the department and the education of the residents. 

    Dr. Pilar Laguna has finished her training as urologist in 1982 at the University of Barcelona. She was a staff member of several hospitals in Spain like for example the famous Fundación Puigvert. She moved to the Netherlands and became a staff member in Nijmegen in 2000. Later on she moved to the capitol city Amsterdam where she became a staff member at the AMC University hospital. In 2003 Dr. Laguna obtained her PhD cum laude at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. After a short training in laparoscopy in Brussels she chairs the laparoscopy activities in Amsterdam. She has been assigned an EBM-fellowship and she also is in charge of the practical training in the animal lab for the residents. Her main fields of interest are renal cell cancer, nephron sparing surgery, laparoscopic surgery, cryosurgery and testis cancer. 

    Dr. Laguna is member of the European Germ Cell Cancer Consensus Group, which determines the guidelines for cancer of the testis. In addition she is a member of the American Urological Society, the Société International d’Urologie, European Association of Urology and the Endourological Society. 、

    Dr. Laguna has published more than 150 articles and is author of several book chapters.

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