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    Tiejun Pan

    • CountryChina
    1. Detailed Informations


    Chief physician, the director of Urology in Wuhan General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command. Engaging in the Urology field for more than 20 years and possessing profound theoretical foundation, he obtained outstanding achievements in terms of the minimally invasive treatment for urinary calculi, the diagnosis of urinary tract tumors and urology laparoscopic technique .He innovatively proposed Flank suspendedsupine position for percutaneous nephrolithotomy and Plasmakinetic enucleation of Prostate with bladder neck reservation. Furthermore, he conducted a number of technical innovation and improvement on laparoscopic surgery,such as laparoscopic nephrectomy, pyeloplasty, prostate cancer, radical resection of bladder cancer and so on.He has published more than 50 academic works, composed and translated 4 monographs, and been involving in compiling more than 10 books. At the same time, he has been carrying out topics with the country and the province departmental level for more than 10 items. He respectively received one army and provincial second prize of scientific and technological achievement, three third prizes with army medical achievement.



    Education Background

    2007.07  studied at the department of urology of  massachuseitts general hospital

    2005.08  studied at the department of urology of the Southern California university

    2004.06  studied at the division of urology of the palermo university medical school

    2003.10  studied at University of Miami, USA, instructed by Prof. Soloway

    1991.07  received doctordegree at Tongji Medical University (Now Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science & Technology)


    Professional Services :

    Standing committee and deputy secretary-general of Chinese Urology Association ;

    Standing member of tumor group of Chinese Urology Association ;

    Standing Member of the Committee of Genitourinary Tumor of male, Chinese Anti-Cancer Association;

    The leader of for Urinary calculi group of the PLA;

    Standing member of Scientific and Technological Committee, Guangzhou Military Command;

    The deputy director of Urinary surgery in the Guangzhou Military Command;

    the leader of tumor group in HuBei province;

    Corresponding Member of the European Association of Urology;

    Corresponding Member of the American Association of Urology;

    the member for the national  alliance of Urinary calculi ;

    Member of Editorial Board for many jounal,such as《 Chinese Journal of Urology》, 《National Journal of Andrology》, 《Journal of Modern Urology》, 《Journal of Contemporary Urologic and Reproductive Oncology》.etc.





    The Patent of appearance design :A positioning ring transparent membrane expansion tube;

    The patent for utility model :Supine percutaneous nephroscope lithotripsy position block type fixtures

    The patent for utility model :A positioning ring transparent membrane expansion tube

    The patent for utility model :A removable type piercing sheath.

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