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    Abdul Majid Rana

    • CountryPakistan
    1. Detailed Informations

    NAME                                                                    ABDUL MAJID RANA



    I have been the Consultant Urologist at most leading medical & educational

    Institutions of the city for last twenty years. I am one of the pioneers of tubeless PCNL; PCNL in supine position and inventor of a technique for antegrade double-J stent insertion. I have been a master trainer for PCNL, delivered lectures and conducted hands on workshops nationally at Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi and Larkana and internationally at New Delhi, Lucknow Utter Pradesh INDIA, Kathmandu Nepal, Kunming CHINA and ESD (Expert in stones diseases) regional conference.


    I have been managing flexible cystoscopy, urodynamics clinics, and treating patients with the help of gadgets like lithotripters, Lasers, uretrorenoscopes, nephroscopes and endoscopes in addition to routine open urological procedures.





    I have been conducting bedside teaching classes for medical students, house officers R.M.Os and postgraduate residents at Dow Medical College, The Kidney Center Postgraduate Training Institute and College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan. I have also chaired sessions at national and international Urological conferences and have been invited speaker in many conferences in addition to national master trainer in the management of Urolithiasis by minimally invasive techniques.





    1. Stone diseases in urology.

    2. Prostate diseases.

    3. Incontinence

    4. Reconstructive urology

    5. Peadriatric urology

    6. Bio-ethical issues




    I have been playing squash, cricket, table tennis and golf regularly. I swim and enjoy diving.

    “I am very fond of reading history and current affairs”




    1. Rana A.M. PercutaneousNephrolithotomy (PCNL) as Most Effective Monotherapy for Large RenalStones. Medical Channel, 2005 volume 11, 23-25.

    2. Rana A.M. Comparison of resultsof Ureteroscopy for Proximal and Distal Ureteral Calculi using RigidUreteroscope. Medical Channel, 2005 volume 11, 50-60.

    3. Rana A.M. Management ofSeverely Encrusted Retained Stents. . Medical Channel, 2005 volume 11,82-84.

    4. Rana A.M. Mithani S. TubelessPercutaneous Nephrolithomy; Call of the Day. J Endourol 2007; 21, 169-172.

    5. Rana A.M. and Sabooh A.Management Strategies and Results for Severely Encrusted Retained UreteralStents. J Endourol 2007; 21, 628-632.

    6. Rana A.M., Zaidi Z andEL-Khalid S. Single Center Review of Fluoroscopy-Guided PercutaneousNephrostomy Performed by Urologic Surgeons. J Endourol 2007; 21,688-691.

    7. Rana A.M., Bhojwani JP, JunejoNN and Das Bhagia S. Tubeless PCNL in Supine! Procedure for all seasons?With comprehensive technique. Urology;2008 Apr; 71(4):581-5.      

    8. Rana AM, Bhojwani JP. Percutaneous Nephrostomy in renal anomalies of Fusion, Ectopia, Rotation, Hypoplasia and Pelvicalyceal aberrationon-uniformity in heterogeneity. J Endourol. 2009 Apr; 23(4):609-14.

    9. Rana AM, Aquil S, Khawaja AM. The rigid Ureteroscopy and PneumaticLithotripsy as definitive management of obstructive Ureteral Calculiduring pregnancy. UROLOGY 73: 964-967, 2009.

    10. Mahmud SM, EL-Khaled S, Rana AM, Zaidi Z. Is ascending urethrogrammandatory for all Urethral Strictures? JPMA Vol58, No. 8, August 2008.

    11. Shaikh AH, Rana M, Shaikh AH. Ureteric Pellet CausingNon-Functioning Kidney. JCPSP 2005, Vol 15 (9): 580-581.

    12. Aquil S, Rana M, Zaidi Z. Laparoscopic assisted percutaneousnephrolithotomy (PCNL) in ectopic pelvic kidney. J Pak Med Assoc 2006;56:381-383.




    Manuscripts already submitted:


    1.  PCN procedure, Comparison in proneposition and supine position.

    2. Percutaneous Nephrostomy andantegrade Double J stent insertion: the innovative technique.

    3. Management for Proximal andDistal Ureteral Calculi using Pneumatic Lithotripsy.

    4. Tubeless PCNL in children




    Manuscripts in Progress:


    1.     Tubeless PCNL as a day care procedure.

    2.     Fast Tract PCNL; made simple through  antegrade Access  Directly

    3.     Randomized Study of Comparison of PCNL in Supine and Prone Positio

    4.     PCNL in Un-dilated Pelvicaliceal System.





    • Discharging responsibilities as peerreviewer for

    •  Journalof Endourology, USA

    • Journal of Urology USA

    • Urology Gold USA.

    • British Journal of Urology international

    • Current Urology, Sweden

    •  BioMedicalJournal, UK.

    •  IranianJournal of Urology and Nephrology.

    • Journal of Pakistan Medical Association.(JPMA)

    • Various medicaljournals published in Pakistan.

    •  More than 10 online journals

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