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    Guohua Zeng

    • CountryChina
    1. Detailed Informations

    Professor Zeng guohua, MD and PhD of Urology, Chief Physician and Doctoral Supervisor. Vice-director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, Chief of Guangdong Key Lab of Urology, Chief of Guangzhou Urology Research Institute. Graduated from the Hengyang Medical University, Xiangya Medical University and Sun Yat-sen University; went for advanced studies in The First People Hospital of Shanghai JiaoTong University from 2003 to 2007; worked as a visiting scholar in the UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas in 2007. Professor Zeng has finished more than 10000 minimally invasive procedures (including PCNL, URL and RIRS). He and his colleagues created a unique mini-PCNL technique, named Chinese Mini-PCNL. Nowadays, Chinese Mini-PCNL gradually becomes a popular procedure for renal stone disease in China and spread to other countries, including India, Nepal, Vietnam, Philippines, Turkey and Holland. On the basis of “Micro-PCNL” and “UMP” techniques, he invented a new minimally invasive technique in treatment of renal stones, called “Super-Mini-PCNL (SMP)”. It has the advantages of both the “Micro-PCNL” and “UMP” techniques.


    Professor Zeng has presided 4 research projects of The National Natural Science Foundation, obtained a number of patents. He has won four provincial and ministerial prizes, issued more than 60 academic papers, and published over ten books.


    Academic Participation


    The member of urology division of Chinese Medical Association

    The vice director of endoscopy division of Chinese Medical Doctor Association

    The vice director of andrology division of Chinese Medical Doctor Association

    The director of urology division of Guangdong Medical Association

    The director of International Association of Urolithiasis

    The international member of Urolithiasis group of European Association of Urology

    The editorial board member of “BJU International” “Urolothiasis”, “the Chinese Journal of Urology” and “the Journal of Contemporary Urologic and Reproductive Oncology”


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