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    Zinelabidine Abouelfadel

    • CountryMorocco
    1. Detailed Informations

    Work address:

    13 Residence Ait Souss

    Avenue Hassan II 80020

    Agadir, Morocco


    Tel  Home: 212528848465

    Mobile: 212662315500





    Current Position: Senior Consultant in Urology and Uro-Oncology

    from 2008 to present,


    Dec. 2001 to 2008: Consultant:

    Urology Department, Al-Amiri Hospital, Kuwait City


    Jul. 99 to June 2001:      Clinical Fellow in Urologic Oncology,

    University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, Colorado.


    May 95 to Jun. 99: Assistant  Specialist in Urology,

    Pasteur Hospital, Colmar 68000 FRANCE.





    Apr. 95                             Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduate                                            Certificate

                                           (ECFMG), Philadelphia, Pensylvania, permanently valid




    French, English and Arabic








    "Annales d'Urologie 4: 255-257." Simplified urinary diversion in patients with colostomy. Jung JL, Abouelfadel Z., 1995


    "Annales d'Urologie 2: 69-71." Adenocarcinoma developed on ileal loop after ring cystoplasty. Jung JL, Abouelfadel Z, Dettloff H., 1996


    "Annales d'Urologie 4:205-206." Esophageal metastasis of a bladder carcinoma. Jung JL, Abouelfadel Z, Prevot-Maupoix, Villeval C., 1997.


    "Progres en Urologie Vol 6." Cystic lymphangioma of spermatic cord. Jung JL, Abouelfadel Z, Straub P., 1997, 948-949.  


    PROGRES EN UROLOGIE is indexed in INDEX MEDICUS and computerized Documentation System MEDLINE, in the bibliographical publication of CNRS (Paris).


    "Prostate Specific Antigen: recurrence after therapy." Online publication at: 2000. E David Crawford, Zinelabidine Abouelfadel, April 2000.

    Prostate Cancer Awareness Week: Z Abouelfadel, ED Crawford in Prostate cancer screening (Ian Thompson, Humana Press 2001 ISBN: 0896039013)


    Clinical Prostate Cancer: Vol1, N0 2, 115-117, High Gleason score and lower Prostate-Specific Antigen in a Single Institution Over the Past Decade, Abouelfadel Z, Miller G, Glode LM, Akduman B, Donohue ER, Nedrow A, Crawford ED. September 2002.(Orignal Contribution)


    The use of flutamide as a single anti-androgen treatment for hormone-refractory prostate cancer.BJU Int. 2003 Nov;92(7):695-8. Barqawi A, Akduman B, Abouelfadel Z, Robischon M, Crawford ED.

    PSA recurrence: Who is most likely to suffer treatment failure? Zinelabidine Abouelfadel, E David Crawford, Grand Rounds in Urology, accepted for publication in 2007.
    Abouelfadel Z, Lugg J, Crawford E D. Symposium: The changing dynamic of advanced prostate cancer: maintaining skeletal and bone health. AUA News: Annaheim annual meeting highlights: 3-9


    Abouelfadel Z and Crawford ED. Leuprorelin Depot injection: patient consideration in management of prostate cancer. Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management 2008:4(2) 1–14




    -"Meeting of French Association of Urodynamics, Annecy, France." The quality of life after implantation of artificial sphincter in patients with bladder replacement. Jung JL, Abouelfadel Z, Szwarc G., May 1997


    -High Gleason score and lower PSAs in a single institution over a decade, Abouelfadel Z, Miller G, Glode LM, Akduman B, Donohue ER, Hooda M, Nedrow A, Crawford ED.

    Presented at ASCO, San Francisco May 2001 and at AUA, Anaheim 2001.






    The Complete Prostatectomy, CD-Rom, Assistant, David E Crawford, Z. Abouelfadel, N Shavla, P Ferucci, 2000


    Radical Nephrectomy, Chief Surgeon, Z Abouelfadel, 1998


    Cystoprostatectomy and bladder replacement, Chief Surgeon, Z.Abouelfadel, 1999


    The use of Ligasure device in Radical Cystectomy and Urinary Diversion: Abouelfadel Z, Akduman B, Krishnamurthy M, Crawford E.D. Presented at South West Section of AUA Austin Texas 2001.





    workshop on flexible URS and laser 2015 agadir with Dr Marc Schneider, Pasteur Hospital Colmar France,


    Workshop on miniNLPC and Supermini-NLPCwith Pr Zeng Gohoua and Dr Sanjay Khadgi 2017





    Primary healthcare in the province of Agadir, Apr. 89


    Absence of gallbladder in human and animals, Sep. 95


    Urinary nosocomial infections in Urology, Dec. 98







    Member of European group of study and research on abdominal wall (GREPA)


    Member of American Association of Advancement of Science (AAAS)


    Member of Moroccan Association of Urology


    Member of National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA)


    Member of Rocky Mountain Urological Association.


    Member of Kuwaiti Urological Association (KUA).


    Member of  societe internationale d'urologie (SIU)








    Nominee of International Biographical Center (IBC), Cambridge, England, 97


    Marquis Who's Who in the World, 97


    Marquis Who's Who in Sciences in Engineering, 98


    Marquis Who's Who in Healthcare, 98


    2000 Outstanding People of the 20th Century Silver Medal, International Biographical Center, Cambridge- England, 99


    Gold Medal of Honor, American Biographical Institute, ABI, USA, 00


    2000 Prominent Arabs of the 20th century, Naaman Biographical center, NBC, Lebanon, 99. In Honor of the outstanding contribution to laparoscopic Surgery


    Golden finger award, Scherring Plough, Denver, Co, USA, Jun. 00. In recognition of the active role in prostate cancer detection during Prostate cancer awareness week Sept 99. and Sept 2000.






    1-Dr E David Crawford: professor of surgery and radiation oncology

    University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver USA



    2-Dr Michael Glode: Professor of Medicine and Medical Oncology

    University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver USA



    3-Dr Robert Donohue Professor of Urology

    Veteran Administration, UCHSC Denver USA



    4-Dr Jean Luc Jung chef de Service d’Urologie

    Hopital Pasteur Colmar France

    Tel : 0033389804193

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