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    Aasem Masood Chaudry

    • CountryUnited Kingdom
    1. Detailed Informations


    Aasem Masood Chaudry

     MBBS, FRCS, FRCS (Urol)


    1.   Personal Information

    2.   Education 

    3.   Employment History

    4.   Clinical Experience 

    5.   Research Experience 

    6.   Courses and Meetings attended 

    7.   Professional Memberships

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    1. Personal Information

    Name:  Aasem Masood Chaudry

    Date of Birth:  01 September 1962

    Age:  54 Yrs

    Sex:  Male

    Marital Status: Married

    Address:  2 Sturmer Road, Woodlands Park,Bedford MK41 7FJ.

    Tel:  Res. 01234950346

             Mob. 07951567240


    Nationality: British & Pakistani (Dual)

    Driving Licence:  FullUK


    GMC:  Full (3608437)

    PMDC (PakistanMedical and Dental Council): Full (12918-P)

    Entry in Specialist Register (Urology) PMETB:  30 Nov 2009

    National Insurance No: JA 812391 D VX  

    2. Education

    Medical Qualifications:

    ·     MBBS; Rawalpindi Medical College, University of Punjab Jun 1986  

         * Gold Medal in third Professional MBBS Exam

    ·      FRCS; Royal College of Surgeons inIreland Jun 1990

    ·      Diploma in Urology; University College London Jun 1993

    ·      FRCS Urol; Intercollegiate Specialty BoardUK May 2008

    Other Qualifications:

    ·      Secondary School Certificate (Matric);  1977 Grade A

          Sir Syed Secondary School Rawalpindi, Pakistan  

    ·      Higher Secondary School Certificate (F.Sc); 1979 Grade A

    Sir Syed College Rawalpindi, Pakistan

    ·      B.Sc; 1983

         University of Punjab,Pakistan

    Continuing Professional Development:

    I have remained actively involved in professional development throughout my career. I regularly attend national & international academic meetings, professional courses and conferences to further my knowledge and skill base both in terms of up to date urological practice and technical aspects. I have also worked to develop associated non clinical skills such as teaching, medical education, information technology, management and leadership. I now lead the Urology unit at Bedford Hospital UK and remain committed to provide highest quality of care, research, training and teaching.


    3. Employment History

    Present Appointment:

    Consultant Urological Surgeon

    Sep 2011 – to-date

    Consultant Urological Surgeon (Endourology & Stones)

    Clinical & Cancer lead Urology Bedford Hospital,

    (Affiliated with University of Cambridge)


    Last Appointments:

    Locum Consultant Urologist (Endourology & Stones)

    Jul 2010 – Sep 2010 (3 months)  

    Guy’s Hospital,


    Mar 2010 – July 2010 (5 months)

    Addenbrookes Hospital,

    Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust,


    Jul 2008 – Mar 2010 (19 months)

    Southmead Hospital,

    North Bristol NHS Trust, Bristol.

    Previous Appointments:

    (Reverse Chronological Order)

    Locum Consultant Urologist (General & Endourology)

    Jul 2007 – Jul 2008 (12 months – Fixed Term Contract)

    Churchill Hospital,

    Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust, Oxford.

    Senior Fellowship in Urology

    Mar 2007 – Jun 2007 (04 months)

    Wycombe GeneralHospital,

    High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

    Dec 2006 – Feb 2007: Career Break (Domestic reasons/visit toPakistan)

    Locum Consultant Urologist

    Oct 2006 – Nov 2006 (02 months)  

    Stirling Royal Infirmary / Falkirk & District Royal Infirmary,

    Forth Valley NHS Trust,Scotland.


    Consultant Urologist & Asst. Professor – Urology

    Oct 2004 – Dec 2006 (02 years and 04 months)

    Shifa International Hospital / Shifa MedicalSchool,



    Consultant Urologist & Asst. Professor – Urology

    Dec 1996 – Oct 2004 (07 years and 10 months)

    Fauji Foundation Hospital/ Foundation University Medical College, Rawalpindi,Pakistan.

    Consultant Urologist

    May 1996 – Nov 1996 (06 months)

    Al-Huda Medical Centre & Ali Medical Centre,


    Short Term Locum Work inUK1996 - 2005

    Locum Consultant Urologist

    Jul 2005 – Aug 2005 (06 weeks)

    North Devon District Hospital, Barnstaple.

    Locum Consultant Urologist

    Sep 2003 – Oct 2003 (06 weeks)

    Salisbury District Hospital, Salisbury.


    Locum Consultant Urologist

    Apr 2002 (04 weeks)

    Salisbury District Hospital, Salisbury.

    Locum Staff Grade Urology

    Jul 2001 – Aug 2001 (05 weeks)

    Alexandra Hospital, Redditch.

    Locum SpR Urology

    Jan 2001 – Feb 2001 (05 weeks)

    Chelsea & Westminister Hospital, London.

    Supervising Consultant: M Dinneen, T Christmas

    Post Fellowship Training:

    Locum Senior Registrar Urology

    Dec 1995 - Mar 1996 (04months)

    St Mary’s Hospital/ St Hellier’s Hospital, London.

    Supervising Consultant: J Vale, R Witherow   

    Jul 1995 – Nov 1995: Career Break (Visit toPakistan)

    Registrar General Surgery & Urology

    Feb 1995 – Jun 1995 (05 months)

    Trafford General Hospital, Manchester.

    Supervising Consultant: C Hall

    Registrar Urology

    Feb 1994 – Jan 1995 (12 months)

    Conquest Hospital, Hastings.

    Supervising Consultant: R O Plail

    Registrar Urology & General Surgery

    Sep 1993 – Feb 1994 (06 months)

    Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield.

    Supervising Consultants: J Ingoldby & C Harrison

    Registrar Urology (+ General Surgery)

    Feb 1992 – Aug 1993 (19 months)

    Dewsbury DistrictHospital, Dewsbury.

    Supervising Consultants: C M White & V S D Logan

    Senior SHO / Registrar Urology & General Surgery

    Mar 1991 – Jan 1992 (11 months)

    Dewsbury DistrictHospital, Dewsbury.

    Supervising Consultants:

    C M White, V S D Logan, J Lovegrove & B Case

    Locum SHO Cardiothoracic Surgery

    Feb 1991 (01 month)

    East Birmingham Hospital, Birmingham.

    Supervising Consultant: J Collins

    Pre Fellowship Training:

    SHO Urology & General Surgery

    Feb 1990 – Jan 1991 (12 months)

    Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest.

    Supervising Consultant: P J Milewski

    SHO General Surgery

    Sep 1989 – Jan 1990 (05 months)

    Scunthorpe General Hospital, Scunthorpe.

    Supervising Consultant: J Moore

    Oct 1988 – Aug 1989: Career Break (Preparation for PLAB and FRCS-1)


    SHO Orthopaedics

    Jan 1988 – Sep 1988 (09 months)

    Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi,Pakistan.

    Supervising Consultant: M A Mian

    SHO Accident & Emergency

    Jun 1987 – Jan 1988 (07 months)

    Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi,Pakistan.

    Supervising Consultant: A R Khawaja


    HO General Surgery

    Feb 1987 – Jun 1987 (05 months)

    Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi,Pakistan

    Supervising Consultant: A R Khawaja

    HO General Medicine

    Aug 1986 – Feb 1987 (06 months)

    Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi,Pakistan.

    Supervising Consultant: S S Naeem-ul-Hamid

    4. Clinical Experience

    Present Appointment:

    Consultant Urological Surgeon (Endourology & Stones)

    Clinical and Cancer Lead in Urology

    Bedford Hospital

    This is a substantive post commenced in Sept 2010 with special interest in endourology and stones. Bedford Hospital has a catchment population of 330,000. On appointment, I was given the task of establishing state of the art stone service for the region that has been successfully accomplished. Since being appointed to this position, I have been actively involved in service re-design and re-structuring of the service. The department has close links with Addenbrookes hospital and University of Cambridge.

    I took over as the clinical & cancer lead of the Urology Department on 01/01/2016 and look forward to continue to provide a positive contribution to this department.

    Achievements to-date includes:

    ·      Setting up of Urology one stop clinic for all new referrals to urology

    ·      Development of full range of Stone services including Flexible ureterorenoscopy & Laser stone service, PCNL, Mini-PCNL, ESWL, Stone MDT 

          and stone clinic

    ·      Holmium Laser Enucleation of Prostate – Day case service - >75% now performed as day cases

    ·      Trans-perineal Template biopsy service – achieved best early prostate cancer diagnosis rate of 63% in the UK

    ·      Saline TURP and TURBT introduced and established

    ·      Full range of upper tract laparoscopy including setting up Retro-peritoneal radical nephrectomy

    ·      Efficiency improvement projects – achieving full compliance with 18 week national target 62 day cancer target

    ·      Consultant led full urodynamic service

    ·      Service development and expansion of the department from a 2 Consultant unit to 5 consultant unit

    ·      Supervision of clinical fellows, Specialty Registrars, Core trainees and Foundation doctors

    ·      Teaching, training, audit and clinical research

    ·      Developing clinical pathways for common urological conditions

    ·      Clinical Governance activity

          Other Roles:

           -       Chairman Medical Staff Committee at Bedford Hospital

           -       Member of Regional training Committee for Urology Specialist Training

           -       Member of National Selection Board for Urology Specialist training

           -       Recognised national trainer for HOLEP & Trans-perineal Template biopsies of Prostate

           -       BAUS Nominated lead for developing stone services in West Africa

           -       Honourary Recognised Clinical teacher at Cambridge University

           -       Lead Investigator for Serious Clinical Incidents

           -       Cancer & MDT lead

    Previous Appointments:

    Locum Consultant Urologist

    Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust.

    This was a short term locum appointment. It has provided me the opportunity to work in a centre of excellence and further enhanced my experience. My work here included:

    ·        Exposure to Robotic and Laparoscopic procedures

    ·        HoLEP

    ·        Stone clinics / theatre sessions

    ·        ESWL sessions – onsite lithotriptor

    ·        Audit, research & clinical governance meetings

    ·        One stop haematuria clinics

    ·        One stop clinics

    ·        Teaching of students trainees and paramedics

    Locum Consultant Urologist (Endo-urology & Stones)

    Southmead Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust.

    North Bristol NHS Trust is the largest Trust in the Southwest and one of the largest in the country. The Trust has teaching status and is linked with University of Bristol and University of West ofEngland. The Urology department provides tertiary care services to patients from the Southwest and also provides DGH services to a population of over 500,000. The department works closely with Bristol Urology Institute. The department has 08 full time and 06 visiting Consultant Urologists each with a separate subspecialty interest.

    Endourology has been my sub-specialty interest with a vast experience in stone management and upper tract laparoscopy. My work here included:

    ·        Designated PCNL sessions – Data entered to BAUS national PCNL audit

    ·        Use of on-table limited CT in radiology theatre.

    ·        Flexible / rigid ureteroscopy with use of lasers for stones and upper tract TCC. Data submitted to CROES global interventional study.

    ·        Upper tract laparoscopy

    ·        On site lithotripsy.

    ·        TRUS prostate biopsy sessions.

    ·        General urology work.

    ·        Supervision and training of SpRs and Endourology fellows.

    ·        Clinical governance, MDT and other academic meetings.

    ·        Cryotherapy for small renal masses and recurrent prostate cancer and complex laparoscopic procedures.

    Locum Consultant Urologist (General & Endourology)

    Churchill Hospital, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

    Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust is teaching hospital trust. It is one of the largest teaching trusts in the country with a national and international reputation for excellence of its services as well as its role in teaching and research. The trust works in close cooperation with the University of Oxford. In addition to providing specialist services to a population of 2.5 million, it provides DGH services to a population of 700,000. I joined the Urology Department with a team of 06 Consultants with specified areas of interest. The Department is based at ChurchillHospital. My principal activities included:

    ·       General urology – outpatient & inpatient services.

    ·       Day case sessions.

    ·       Haematuria clinics.

    ·       Attending Laparoscopic sessions.

    ·       Exposure to extracorporeal HIFU used for small renal tumours.

    ·       Clinical governance meetings.

    ·       Audit, MDT, radiology, research & other academic meetings.

    ·       Informal teaching of medical students in clinic and theatres.

    ·       Supervision and training of SpRs and urology fellows.

    Senior Fellowship in Urology

    Wycombe General Hospital

    The Department of Urology at WycombeHospital is a well established unit staffed by 04 Consultants serving a population of 550,000. The unit provides full range of urological services.

    ·       Regular independent theatre sessions and clinics.

    ·       Assisting in major oncology work

    ·       Laparoscopic procedures

    ·       Carrying out regular ward rounds.

    Consultant Urologist & Asst. Professor – Urology

    Shifa International Hospital & Shifa school of Medicine Islamabad,Pakistan.

    This appointment provided me with the opportunity to work in a highly specialized unit along side 05 Urology Consultants. Shifa InternationalHospital is a state of the art tertiary referral centre serving the population of North of Pakistan, making it one of the most prestigious institutions in the country. The range of urological services offered includes uro-oncology, endo-urology, on-site ESWL, laparoscopic urology, paediatric urology, uro-gynaecology, andrology and renal transplantation. Salient features of my work in Shifa included:

    ·       Full range of endourology, PCNL sessions including the tract.

    ·       Laparoscopic procedures.

    ·       Renal Transplant

    ·       Supervision of research projects.

    ·       Lecturing in the medical schools.

    ·       Arranging & conducting regular academic/clinico-pathological meetings.

    ·       Teaching of medical students/paramedics in clinics, theatres and supervision of postgraduate trainees.

    ·       Arranging workshops and conferences at regional/national level.


    Consultant Urologist & ASST. PROFESSOR – Urology

    Fauji Foundation Hospital & Foundation University Medical College Rawalpindi,Pakistan.

    This was my first regular Consultant appointment. The Fauji Foundation Hospital, where I headed the urology unit for a period of over 07 years, had a catchment population of around 09 million spread all overPakistancomprising mainly of ex-servicemen and their families. It is a 600 bedded multi-disciplinary tertiary care centre and teaching hospital with on-site medical school. Salient features of my stay in this hospital were:

    ·       Developing the urology unit from scratch to a nationally acknowledged postgraduate training centre accredited by college of Physicians and 

           Surgeons of Pakistan.

    ·       Offering full range of urological services.

    ·       Pivotal role in setting up and running of Foundation University Medical College.

    ·       Setting up of undergraduate and postgraduate urology training programme.

    ·       Supervision of research and audit projects.

    ·       Development of computer software programme for the hospital.

    Summary of Surgical & Urological Training:

    General Surgical Training

    I underwent basic general surgical training 1987 – 1990. I passed the surgical fellowship exam in 1990 while working in Withybush Hospital, Haverfordwest. It was followed by post fellowship training in General Surgery 1990 – 1992. The senior SHO/Registrar position at Dewsbury DistrictHospital and Pinderfields Hospital Wakefield provided me exposure to a wide variety of general surgical and urological cases in setting of busy District General Hospitals. I rotated through units dealing with:

    ·       Upper gastrointestinal tract & Laparoscopy

    ·       Colorectal surgery

    ·       Vascular surgery

    ·       Cardiothoracic Surgery

    ·       Urology

    General Surgical Experience    

    It includes wide range of procedures performed under supervision and in independent capacity such as:

    Appendicectomy, Hernia repairs, cholecystectomy & CBD exploration, varicose vein surgery, emergency and elective laparotomy, right and left hemi-colectomy, total colectomy, anterior resection, AP resection, bypass operations, mastectomy and axillary clearance, femoral and brachial embolectomy, lumpectomy, simple and radical mastectomy, scrotal surgical procedures, laparoscopic cholecystectomy and hernia repairs, repair of emergency and elective aortic aneurysms, femoro-popliteal and femoro-distal bypass, axillo-femoral bypass, above knee and below knee amputations, partial and total gastrectomy, Whipple’s procedure, partial and total thyroidectomy, oesophagectomy, total and partial pneumonectomy, etc.

    Urology Training

    I underwent my training in Urology 1992 – 1996. I learnt the basic endourological skills in Dewsbury and Wakefield placements. The Urology registrar job in Conquest Hospital Hastings was particularly useful in developing my endo-urological skills further. One year Diploma in Urology course at Instituteof Urology London was extremely beneficial in providing a sound basis for practice of Urology. The Senior Registrar experience at St. Mary’s and St. Hellier’s Hospitals in London proved to be extremely useful in further enhancing my skills along with work experience in an academic environment of a major teaching institution. My training in urology included:

    ·        General Urology

    ·        Endourology

    ·        Evaluation of Lower urinary tract

    ·        Uro-Oncology inclusive of radical pelvic surgery and upper tract laparoscopy

    ·        Diagnostics

    ·        Female urology

    ·        Reconstruction

    ·        Complex stones

    ·        Andrology

    ·        Laparoscopy

    ·        Use of Lasers in Urology

    ·        Urological emergencies

    ·        Renal transplant

    Summary of operative experience as Urology Consultant

    This includes wide range of endoscopic and open surgical experience gained over a period of 15 years of urological practice as a consultant. This includes the work experience inPakistanandUK.

    The summary of procedures performed is illustrated below. Some of the major procedures that I assisted (A) are also mentioned.

    Endo-Urological Procedures

    TURP:> 4500

    TURBT:> 3500

    Optical urethrotomy:> 1500

    PCNL:  > 600 (160 in Pakistan + >450  in UK with tracts)

    Data being entered into BAUS PCNL national audit

    Percutaneous Cystolitholapaxy: 35

    Rigid/semi-rigid Ureteroscopy + stone extraction:> 1000

    Flexible Ureterorenoscopy / Stone fragmentation: > 750

    Antegrade endopyelotomy: 65

    HoLEP: > 300

    Laser TURP (Greenlight + Thullium): 26

    Laparoscopic Procedures

    Laparoscopic Nehrectomy: 82

    Lap Retro-peritoneal radical nephrectomy: 04

    Laparoscopic Nehrectomy (A):    55

    Laparoscopic Nehroureterctomy: 14

    Laparoscopic Nehroureterctomy (A): 10

    Laparoscopic assisted Pyeloplasty: 06

    Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty (A):     24

    Laparoscopic assisted orchidopexy: 03

    Diagnostic Laparoscopy: 46


    Flexible Cystoscopy: >5000

    TRUS Biopsy prostate: >1000

    Transperineal Template biopsy prostate: 250+

    Urodynamic studies: >500

    Open Surgical Procedures & Reconstruction

    Pyelolithotomy: 165

    Vesicolithotomy: 56

    Scrotal surgical procedures:>600

    Nephrectomy / Radical Nephrectomy/ Nephroureterctomy:  110

    Radical Prostatectomy: 03

    Radical Prostatectomy (A): 55

    Radical Cystectomy: 35

    Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection (A): 14

    Ileal Conduit: 28

    Neo-bladders/ Bladder augmentation: 58

    Indiana Pouch (A): 05

    Pelvic exenteration: 05

    Mitrofanoff Procedure:20

    Pyeloplasty: 60

    Urethroplasty: 33

    Female Incontinence procedures (TVT, Burch etc): 55

    Paediatric Urology

    Percutaneous Cystolitholapaxy: 65

    Hypospadias Repair:  90

    PUV ablation: 54

    Ureteric reimplatation: 28

    Orchidopexy:  >250

    Circumcision:  >500

    Cystoscopy:  >100

    Intersex / Gender correction procedures:  30

    Anderson Hynes Pyeloplasty:  35

    Anti-reflux procedures (Teflon, Macroplastique injections): 15

    Kidney Transplant

    Kidney Transplants: 12

    Kidney Transplants (A): 52

    Donor Nephrectomy:  45

    5. Research Experience

    I understand the importance of research in modern medicine. My scientific training has been quite broad. I received formal training in experimental design and research methodology, critical reading, use of statistical analysis, data interpretation and presentation. This formed the basis to develop my practice in an evidence based manner. I have remained involved in clinical research. In the later part of my career I supervised a number of projects and contributed to a number of clinical trials. I feel confident to continue to participate and develop further research projects.

    Papers Presented

    (Chronological Order)

    ·      “Missed opportunities in diagnosis of gastric cancer”

          Oral presentation: Welsh Surgical Society meeting Newport Nov, 1990.

    ·       “Hemi-TURP – a valid treatment option in selected cases”

    Oral presentation: SIUT conference, Karachi Nov, 1998.

    ·     “Use of Bladder Tumour Charts in management of bladder cancer”

          Poster presentation: SIUT conference, Karachi Nov, 1998.

          (Best poster award)

    ·     “Missed opportunities in diagnosis of bladder cancer”

          Oral presentation: International meeting Rawalpindi Medical College Dec, 1998.

    ·     “Surgical Audit of 750 TURPs”

          Oral presentation: International PMA meeting, Rawalpindi 1999.

    ·     “CISC – a valid treatment option for patients of all ages”

          Oral presentation: Uro-2000, PAUS Annual meeting, Lahore Mar, 2000.

    ·      “Suprapubic cystolitholapaxy in children with vesical calculi measuring 4.0 cm in diameter or less in diameter”

          Poster presentation: SAARC-SIUT meeting, Karachi Feb, 2001.

    ·      “Orthotopic Bladder Substitution – The way forward in Radical treatment of Bladder Cancer – The FFH experience”

          Oral presentation: International Symposium on Urology, Nephrology & Transplantation SIUT/MESOT, Karachi Feb, 2001.

    ·      “Use of Flexible Cystoscope in PCNL / Open Renal surgery”

          Oral Presentation: PAUS Annual National Conference, Karachi Feb, 2003.

    ·      “TVT - a minimally invasive technique in treating female stress incontinence – FFH experience”

          Oral Presentation: PAUS Annual National Conference, Karachi Feb, 2003.

    ·     “Radical Cystectomy – 05 year review”

          Oral Presentation: International Surgical Conference, Rawalpindi Dec, 2003.

    ·      “PCNL in Fauji Foundation Hospital – Way forward”

          Oral Presentation: International Surgical Conference Society of Surgeons of Pakistan, Rawalpindi Dec, 2003.

    ·      “Intra-peritoneal renal pelvic rupture in a post-transplant patient with augmented bladder”

          Oral presentation: PAUS regional meeting, Rawalpindi Apr, 2004.

    ·      “Transplantation in patients with bladder dysfunction”

          Oral Presentation: Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences  (PIMS) Symposium, Islamabad Mar, 2006.

    ·      “Laparoscopy in Urology – Initial experience”

           Oral presentation: PAUS Annual meeting, Islamabad May, 2006.

    Publications / Book Chapters

    (Chronological Order)

    ·      “The number of negative specimens required following vasectomy to declare sterility”

     Dissertation - Diploma in Urology UniversityCollege  London 1993.

    ·      “Surgical audit of 750 TURPs”

           Rawal Medical Journal; Dec, 1999 (ISSN 0303-5212).

    ·   “Goodbye to open prostatectomy”

           Fauji Foundation Health Journal; Mar, 2000.

    ·       “Acute urinary retention – The present perspective”

           Rawal Medical Journal; Jun, 2000 (ISSN 0303-5212).

    ·      “Percutaneous suprapubic cystolitholapaxy in children with vesical calculi – A new minimally invasive technique”

           Fauji Foundation Health Journal; Mar, 2001.

    ·      “Practice of Modern Urology – Current guidelines”

           Handbook for Medical Students; 2002.

    ·      “Staged PCNL in for a large Staghorn in a single kidney under local anaesthesia”

           Shifa news; Islamabad Mar, 2005.

    ·  “Female Incontinence and its management”

           Shifa news; Islamabad Jun, 2006.

    ·      “Report on the PAUS Annual Conference May 2006”

           PAUS Newsletter; Jun, 2006.

    ·      Chapters on PCNL in Top Tips in Urology

           Published June 2015

    Clinical Trials

    Currently, I am involved in the following trials:

    ·      Ongoing national trial on patient outcomes related to treatment of Overactive bladder

    ·       Use of analgesia in patients undergoing ESWL

    ·       Efficacy / stone clearance Mini-PCNL

    ·       Predicting response to ESWL treatment in patients with renal stones

    6. Courses and Meetings attended

    (Chronological Order)

    ·      ATLS Course – Oct 1992 (Sheffield)

    ·      Ionizing Radiation Protection Course – May 1992 (Leeds)

    ·     BAPU Paediatric Urology Course – 1993 (Cambridge)

    ·     National Conference Rawalpindi Medical College – Apr 1997 (Rawalpindi)

    ·      Annual Meeting of Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons – Mar 1998 (Islamabad)

    ·      International Symposium on Urology, Nephrology and Transplantation SIUT – Nov 1998 (Karachi)

    ·      International Scientific Conference Rawalpindi Medical College – Dec 1998 (Rawalpindi)

    ·     Annual Conference Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons (URO2000) - Mar 2000 (Lahore) 

    ·     ALS Course - Sep 2000 (Hastings)

    ·     PALS Course - Sep 2000 (Southampton)

    ·     International Symposium on Urology, Nephrology & Transplantation SIUT/MESOT – Feb 2001 (Karachi)

    ·     Congress of Transplantation Society of SAARC Countries – Feb 2001 (Karachi)

    ·     BAUS Annual meeting - Jun 2001 (Dublin)

    ·     Annual Conference Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons – Nov 2001 (Karachi)

         -        UPJ Obstruction in Adults: Current Management

         -        Percutaneous Renal Surgery

         -        Endoscopic techniques in Upper Urinary Tract

         -        Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy

         -         Hypospadias Surgery

         -        Urinary Diversion and Neobladders-Surgery

         -        Update on Treatment of Prostate Cancer

         -         Advances in Diagnosis and Management of Kidney Cancer

         -         New Pharmacological Therapy for Overactive Bladder

         -         Prostate Brachytherapy

    ·      PAUS Annual National Conference - Feb 2003 (Karachi)

    ·      Workshop on “Educational Planning and Evaluation” CPSP – Jan 2003 (Islamabad)

    ·      Live Minimally Invasive Surgery workshop on PCNL – Feb 2003 (Karachi)

    ·      Workshop on “Research Methodology, Biostatistics and Medical Writing” CPSP – Jun 2003 (Islamabad)

    ·      International Surgical Conference - Society of Surgeons of Pakistan - Dec 2003 (Rawalpindi)

    ·      Workshop on “Written Assessment Techniques” CPSP – Oct 2003 (Islamabad)

    ·      Endourology Workshop POF Hospital Dec 2003 (Wah)

    ·      PAUS Annual Conference – Mar 2004 (Lahore)

    ·      Workshop on “Performance Based Assessment” CPSP – Jun 2004 (Islamabad)

    ·      World Congress of Endourology & SWL - Nov 2004 (Mumbai)

    ·      Basic Laparoscopic Nephrectomy Course - Nov 2004 (Mumbai)

    ·      World Congress of Endourology & SWL - Aug 2005 (Amsterdam)

    ·      Congress of Asian Society of Transplantation (CAST) Nov – 2005 (Karachi)

    ·      Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Symposium “Meeting Health Challenges” – Mar 2006 (Islamabad)

    ·      PAUS Annual National Conference - May 2006 (Islamabad)

    ·      BAUS Annual Meeting - June 2006 (Manchester)

    ·      ALS Course - Sep 2006 (Burton-on-Trent)

    ·      AUA Annual Meeting - May 2007 (Anaheim); Courses on:

         -       Stone Disease: Current Research

         -        Urolithiasis: Surgical Management – Ureteroscopy

         -        Localized Prostate Cancer: Treatment options

         -        Geriatric Urology: Basic Principles

         -        Sacral Nerve Stimulation: Role in Urologic Practice

         -       What’s new in Prostate Cancer

    Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy

    ·       Advances in Bladder Management - Mar 2008 (Portsmouth)

    ·       BAUS Annual meeting - Jun 2008 (Manchester)

    ·       Laser Safety Training – Aug 2008 (Bristol)

    ·       AUA Annual meeting - May 2009 (Chicago); Courses on:

          -        Urolithiasis

          -        Kidney Cancer: New Concepts in Evaluation & Management

          -         Female Urology: Foundations for Urologists

          -         Interstitial Cystitis & Painful Bladder Syndrome

          -         Flexible Ureteroscopy for Treatment of Renal Calculi

    ·       BAUS Annual meeting - Jun 2009, Jun 2010, Jun 2011

    ·       Management Excellence for NHS - Doctors Mar 2010 (Bristol)

    ·       Core Skills in Finance & Business Planning for NHS Consultants -  Mar 2010 (Sheffield)

    ·       HoLEP Training Course – Apr 2010 (Cambridge)

    7. Professional Memberships

    ·        Member – BAUS

    ·        International Member – AUA

    ·        Member – World Endo-urology Society

    ·        Member – Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons (PAUS)

    ·        Ex-President - Rawalpindi-Islamabad Chapter of PAUS – 2006

    ·        Member EUA

    ·        Member IAU


    8. Audit

    Audit is an essential tool both in the context of clinical governance and reflective practice. Throughout my career, I remained involved in local audit collecting and analyzing data as well as leading and supervising audit projects. Working as a consultant I have undertaken and supervised a large number of audit projects. Some audit projects that I have undertaken in last 05 years are:

    ·        Ureteroscopy - complications.

    ·        Use of saline for TURP.

    ·        TURP - Clinical audit of 750 cases.

    ·        HOLEP – first 200 cases

    ·        DVT prophylaxis in endourological procedures.

    ·        TRUS Biopsy – complication rates.

    ·        PCNL outcomes. Complication and clearance rates evaluated over a period of 02 years. Changes implemented to be re-audited in a year’s     

            time.  Data entered into BAUS national audit.

    ·        Ureteroscopy data being entered into CROES Global observational study

    9. Management / Leadership Skills

    I enjoy organisational responsibilities and consider myself to be capable enough to be effective and motivate others. I have developed skills in appropriate management of time, staff and resources. At the same time, over the years, I have acquired skills in delegating responsibility and managing both clinical and non-clinical support staff.

    10. Teaching Experience

    Teaching remains my passion. Throughout my career, I have been involved with teaching medical students, trainees, paramedics and members of multidisciplinary team both formal and informally. I use a range of teaching methods appropriate to the subject and audience and regularly seek feedback to improve my teaching skills.

    Working for Fauji Foundation and Shifa Hospitals inPakistanI was involved in devising the curriculum for undergraduates and post graduate urology trainees.  Delivering lectures, teaching in clinics and theatres was an important part of my role. While at Oxford, I regularly taught medical students and urology trainees in outpatients and theatres. In my present position at Bristol, teaching and supervising urology trainees and endourology fellows is an integral part of my schedule.

    My teaching activities have included:

    ·        Bedside teaching

    ·        Lectures in medical schools

    ·        Tutorials

    ·        Informal teaching in clinics, wards and theatres

    ·        Invited lectures

    ·        Live demonstrations of operative procedures

    ·        Short courses for urology nurses / trainees


    11. Team Working

    I firmly believe that team work is an essential component of successful practice in Medicine today. I have always worked well within a team environment both during my training and while in more senior positions. Positive feedback from colleagues and others leads me to believe that I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. These have helped me to relate to both colleagues and patients in difficult and stressful situations.  While in senior positions I have always maintained cordial relationships with my colleagues and other medical / paramedical staff. I have always endeavoured to make them feel part of the team and encouraged them to seek help when needed without hesitation.

    12. Overseas Portfolio:

    ·        Member of overseas Faculty - Pakistan Kidney Institute Islamabad & Pakistan Kidney Centre Abbottabad

    ·        Member of overseas Faculty at KCMC Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

    ·        Honorary member International Urology Society

    ·        Invited guest speaker for PAUS

    ·        Lead for developing stone service in West Africa – BAUS Urolink


    13. Personal Interests

    ·        Walking, trekking, paragliding and hiking.

    ·        Cricket, Squash, Table tennis and swimming.

    ·        Reading books.

    ·        Travelling the world.

    14. Referees

    1.Mr. Tariq Tassadaq

    Consultant Urologist (Minimally invasive Urology)

    Bedford Hospital

    Kempston Road, Bedford  MK42 9DJ.


    Tel: 01234 355122         

    Fax: 01234 792187


    2.Mr. Liaqat Chowoo

    Consultant Urologist

    Bedford Hospital

    Kempston Road, Bedford  MK42 9DJ.


    Tel: 01234 355122         

    Fax: 01234 792187



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